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SupportnewsXpresso Product Support Quick Start Guide

Add/read latest news

  1. Add news content

    a. Go to and select [Newsstand] and choose news channels from your preferred categories.
    b. Select to add more news channels from other resource.
  2. See previous/next page

    Tap on the arrows at both end to view previous or next page.

Select reading layout

  1.  Newspaper Layout - Mimicking the look-and-feel of printed newspaper

  2.  Catalogue Layout - View title and content in side-by-side presentation?

  3.  Grid Layout - Stylish and entertaining way to read news

    These layouts can also be viewed in Portrait view!

Manage news content

  1.  Add selected news item to [My Favorites]

  2.  Share news via Gmail, QR Code, Bluetooth, or any installed social network apps

  3.  View original [News page]

Manage tags

  1. Press and hold to refresh, edit, and delete

  2. Click to select tag; second click to browse news channels within

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