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SupportnewsXpresso Product Support Quick Start Guide

Welcome to newsXpresso! We've created a simple one-page Quick Start Guide to help you get started in a snap.
For detail, please see UserGuide.

Basic setup

  1. Set preferred theme/language

    Select [Setting] to proceed the changes.
  2. Reading preference

    Select [Setting] and choose "Reading preference" to pick a preferred reading method.

Add/read latest news

  1. Add more news content

    a. Go to [Tools] and select [Import] to add sources from your Google Reader or eSobi Channel

    b. Select [Newsstand] and choose news channels from your preferred categories.
    c. Click on the icon on the toolbar, paste the RSS URL you have copied or enter manually.
  2. Manage news

    Right-click on the news to add to My Favorites, share to SNS, email, view original page, or delete.
  3. Adjust fonts/switch pages

    Click / to enlarge/reduce font size, and / to view previous or next page.

Manage subscribed channels

  1. Manage category

    Right-click on a category tag to refresh, edit or delete.
  2. Manage channel

    Right-click on a channel tag to refresh, share, edit or delete.

Edit Channel Tag

  1. Remove channel

    Click on the icon to remove a channel from selected tag.
  2. Edit tag

    Select refresh, edit, delete to modify tag; select icon to add new channel into selected tag.
  3. Add new tag

    a. Channel Tag – Place any feed channel you wish for future access.
    b. Favorite Tag – Contain your favorite news articles only.
    c. Filter Tag – Set keyword(s) and read only what you want!
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