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Personalized Content Structure

Cutting-edge personalized content structure where sources picked are presented as section tiles in any grouping and order that the user determines

Fixed-category structure where sources picked are displayed by category with articles from sources mixed up in the listing

Content Exploration

Easy & friendly with the new flyout Catalog

Lengthy & unfriendly content customization path

Reading Experience

  • Section Page: dynamic magazine-view rendering
  • Article Page: near print-quality; support of video clips
  • Section Page: static grid-view
  • Article Page: broken text flow; HTML text not possible

Facebook Reading Experience

  • Magazine-view rendering
  • Link pre-fetch
  • Grid view
  • No link pre-fetch

Additional User Account Integration

Google Reader & Tumblr are supported


Content Offering

  • Multiple regional editions with curation
  • Partner content

RSS sources only


Multiple search providers

RSS feed search

App Sync

Windows 8 app sync support


Visual Effect

Cover photos, pan & zoom of headline pictures


User Assist

App introduction & instruction pages


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