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  • I used eSobi to alert me to news about my Department of Defense and Homeland Security Customer bases. eSobi allows me to scan through top news feeds from a wide and diverse customer set so I can quickly find out what is happening in my world. I am a competitive analyst and market analyst so I also use eSobi to consolidate all my feeds into one nice to read area. Just started using the search engine—really liking it!

    Rich Caldwell, Senior Competitive Business Analyst, USA
  • I have used eSobi everyday now for more than a year as my primary aggregator. As a researcher I find it invaluable for its reliability, format and connectivity. It has been totally trouble-free and the source of more than 70 percent of my new business.

    Kris Passey, Passy Cassini & Associates Geographic Research, USA
  • I am a Captain in the Royal Marines. I use eSobi daily because it is crucial for my job that I am up-to-date with curr ent affairs. eSobi collates all the information needed and puts it into an easy platform to read from. This had made my job a lot easier and gives me more time for fitness!!

    Alex Gray, Captain of Royal Marines, UK
  • I use eSobi to scour daily news articles on health, travel, sport and general news. I can then save interesting articles to my scrapbook for future reference. Using eSobi saves me time on repeatedly accessing numerous internet sites as it is all through just the one portal.

    James Ward, Surveyor, UK
  • I am a CEO and my company is for integration of environmental protection. I used eSobi to find professional and personal informations that I need.

    Eric Louves, CEO, UK
  • For my work as a writer of science educational materials, I have to keep current on breaking science news. eSobi helps me follow what would normally be an unwieldy, impossible to grok number of online science news resources each week. With eSobi, I'm able to scan my subscriptions, save articles that I'll need to the Library, and quickly assemble up-to-date sets of news resources on the topics I'm writing about each week. Of course, eSobi also helps me follow other news I'm interested in, as well as... well, humor and comics. Work isn't everything.

    Andrew Amster, science writer, USA
  • eSobi has more or less replaced my hardcopy newspaper. I think a huge advantage of eSobi over a hardcopy newspaper is that it gives access to so much more than just (in my case) Dutch news. It is also easier to find news that really is of interest to me. This all makes up for the fact that most digital newspapers aren't that in-depth as a regular hardcopy newspaper.
    I'm a junior researcher at the Erasmus University and I sometimes have to perform case studies, by (for example) conducting interviews. Before I go to interviews I often do some very simple desk research by browsing the web (just to have some background). I found that the Esobi search engine gives me better results (quantity and precision) than regular search engines.
    One last thing I would like to mention as something I like very much is the function that allows you to tag articles with keywords. I feel this might also contribute to my research later. I haven't used it extensively yet, but I can share one funny finding so far: The Sports section of The Guardian uses the word 'complex' more often than any other rss-feed I have so far. :)

    Wouter Spekkink, Junior Researcher , Netherland
  • I use eSobi daily, especially reading news about software and hardware are particularly stimulating for a PC technician. It is really great because if we want something like searching the internet we do not need to open a separate browser and eSobi has everything in one. eSobi is just like a convenient electronic fish in my aquarium. If someone need a good advice, I would say: bring the fish home and enjoy it.

    roberto carcangiu, PC technician, Belgium
  • I think eSobi is a great piece of software! From it's RSS newsfeeds which I can subscribe to, to it's search engine which uses 3 search engines to find information which saves me a lot of time, also the library is very handy for saving articles in; which for me would be about new technology and techniques in disabled equipment, I can then review them later and share them if I need to. The podcast feature is a nice addition as well. I think this is a great way of managing all the information I need to accumulate from the internet and it saves me a lot of time. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Esobi to family and friends and work colleagues.

    George Black, servicing Technician, UK
  • After the first trial of eSobi, I was already impressed by it's performance and I upgraded it to the full version. I use eSobi specifically for research, if I need a quick overview of certain keyword themes. I like “Smart Search” so much 'cause it provides selections so I can search the whole Web or only for blogs or RSS feeds. I now consider eSobi as a great extension of my research tools.

    Rocco Mertsching, Germany
  • I like eSobi's friendly environment and colorful graphics. The list of recommended RSS feeds offered by the time you start using eSobi for the first time is quite useful. For those who are not very accustomed to following news with rss, I would definitely recommend eSobi.

    Christopher Garro, Costa Rica
  • eSobi is easy-to-use and the default RSS channels suggested cover a wide range or topics. I can always find something interesting to read. I've even downloaded eSobi on my another laptop!

    Roger Wenger, Retired, France
  • I use eSobi every day to easily collect all the news and RSS feeds that I need to read each day. Its wonderful to have everything in just one program and I love how easy it is to configure the views to my taste. Another nice feature is all the suggestions eSobi comes up with. I’ve found vital information in places I didn’t even know existed.

    Hans Petter Aslesen, GM, Norway
  • eSobi's intuitive interface with a simple handline allows you to quickly obtain information and evidence you are looking for by using keywords and topics. Also, it makes doing researches extremely efficient by using meta search engine. In conclusion, this is the best tool that suitsmy need.

    Charles Cros, Animateur, France
  • I use eSobi to keep all my rss feeds in one place and updated. I had the lite version as a free app with my new laptop and liked it so much I bought the full version. The recent upgrade improved the program dramatically and I couldn’t imagine not using it now.

    David C, Customer Service, UK
  • I use eSobi everyday to keep informed about the news in the world, and I have added tons of feeds myself of things that interest me like tech stuff, movies, travel and so on. eSobi is for me an essential part of my online and offline life. I listen to podcasts of lectures, radio shows and more. It's easy to use, fast, looks great and works perfect on windows 7 ultimate..

    John Looij, Sales Consultant, Netherland
  • eSobi is part of my morning ritual; make coffee, check out eSobi. It's several world newspapers all at once, latest news videos and information. I also check out cricket scores. By the time I start my day I'm informed, entertained and ready to go (and caffeinated) - and no trees were felled in the process!

    Simon Grady, Graphic Designer, New Zealand
  • I have been using eSobi now for over 2 years and I just cant live without it. I use it to keep fully informed with news and blogs from sources around Australia and across the world! I strongly recommend you check it out !!

    Roger Worthy, Commodities Trader and Project Manager, Australia
  • eSobi "Rocks"! eSobi has something for everyone... and continues to get better with time. It’s the most diverse and complete news and entertainment source of information. All in one place to please and satisfy everyone’s interest and needs.

    Stan Levandowski, USA
  • I start my day with a cup of coffee and eSobi – a perfect combination. By the time my cup is empty, I have read through the most important news items and have more than enough to digest before breakfast. I am constantly finding more feeds to add, and as this number grows, so does the caffeine intake!

    Stephen Parker, Teacher, Norway
  • I use the eSobi each and every day because it makes it possible for me to understand a little more of how global events are being described all over the World. eSobi too offers a magnificent option to learn about even the most distant countries and cultures of our common World, and therefore it is a platform of true international understanding and tolerance.

    Lars Kasper Jensen, retired social works, Denmark
  • I find eSobi invaluable in providing a quick source of relevant news. I can choose my feeds for daily perusal. Select those I want to review in depth and relegate others of interest for relaxed perusal on the weekend.

    John R Asher, Self employed entrepreneur, USA
  • I use eSobi to read about things which capture my interest in the news. The mainstream media show what they want to show and when. I use the vast array of outlets here to keep up with what I find of interest. I am the news editor with eSobi.

    George Whitney, USA

  • eSobi war auf meinem ersten Netbook vorinstalliert. Normalerweise werfe ich zu Anfang alles "Unnötige" vom Rechner ... aber eSobi habe ich mir doch genauer angesehen ... und war begeistert!! Und zwar so sehr, dass ich es sogar weiterempfohlen habe.
    Seit ich eSobi nutze, nehme ich bewußter wahr, welche Seiten diese Form von Informationen anbieten. So habe ich die Feeds von, aber auch von "meiner" Tageszeitung, insbesondere die Regionalinfos, aboniert. Interessant sind auch die Angebote der Discounter, so dass ich eher planen und dadurch günstiger einkaufen kann.
    Die Infos der Computerzeitschriften (Chip, ct und ähnliche) kann ich auch beruflich verwenden (Hinweis auf Berufstätigkeit: Anwendungsentwicklung für Versicherungen).
    Besondern pfiffig finde ich die Möglichkeit, bestimmte infos zu "clippen", also auch offline verfügbar zu haben; dies tu ich gern bei Infos zu Software.
    Insgesamt halte ich eSobi für eine sehr gelungene Umsetzung!!!

    Anke Krause, Germany

    Normally, I throw everything I think of "unnecessary" from my computer. However when eSobi came with my first netbook, I found it a great tool and now I can’t even recommend it enough!
    I use eSobi to subscribe to feeds from and local newspapers. Using it to monitor hot deals of discount stores enables me to always shop smarter. In terms of professional purposes such as insurance application development, I also use eSobi to read computer magazines (Chip, ct and the like). Another smart feature of eSobi is that I can use it to clip information to Library and have them available offline. Overall, I consider eSobi a great application!

  • eSobiNutzung bisher für private Informationszwecke, sowie für ein ehrenamtliches Engagement. Geplant ist Einsatz von eSobi für berufliche Zwecke: Stiftungen, Erwachsenenbildung, insbesondere politische Bildung. Handhabung übersichtlich, problemlos. Aktualisierung außerordentlich zweckmäßig, Dokumentationsmöglichkeit ebenfalls.

    Walter Fuchs-Stratmann, Germany

    eSobi is valuable for gathering information for personal purposes such as volunteering opportunities. I also use it for professional purposes: foundations and adult education, especially civic education. Handling information is made easy with eSobi and the information gathered is precise. It is extremely useful for me to stay up-to-date and organized with its numerous information management options.

  • ich finde Esobi sehr gut. Ich kann mich zu aktuellen genauso einfach und komfortabel informieren, wie ich meine EMail lese. Interessante News kann ich themenbezogen speichern und später nochmal lesen.

    Andreas Schröder, Web Engineer, Germany

    I think eSobi is very good. I get information about current news just as easily and comfortably as I read my emails. For interesting news, I can easily save and read them later, too.

  • Voila maintenant que j'utilise eSobi depuis novembre 2008, j'ai découvert ce produit que je ne connaissais pas lors de l'achat de mon PC ACER. et au fur et à mesure je me suis familiarisé à ces options tant et si bien qu'il est devenus pour moi un indispensable outil de recherches et de classement d'informations, des le départ les canaux proposés couvrent une grande partie de l'infos médiatique, et il est très facile d'en rajouter. il m'évite de surcharger mon explorer en centralisant les flux et me permet leur gestions et leur archivage, la nouvelle version eSobi pour Windows 7 est totalement compatible. je souhaite une bonne continuité de ce produit.

    Yves Lucas, Retired Technician, France

    I've used eSobi since November 2008 when I discovered this product in my newly-purchased PC ACER. As I gradually got familiar with eSobi, it has become an indispensable tool for researching and classifying information. The default channels offered cover many of the media, and it is very easy to add new ones. It keeps me from information overload and helps me explore as well as centralize, archive and manage internet information. The latest version of eSobi is fully Windows 7 compatible. Keep up the good work!

  • J'invite fortement toute les personnes désireuses de simplifier leurs recherches d'informations et documentaires ou pour quelque motif que ce soit. En effet, l'interface intuitive de eSobi, avec une prise en main aisée vous permet d'obtenir de manière rapide et probante les informations que vous recherchez à partir de mots clés et de thèmes. Egalement, les principes de recherches intelligentes développées par les concepteurs de eSobi sont d'une efficacité redoutable. Vous pouvez, grâce à cela, lancer des méta moteurs de recherches en utilisant entre autres des flux. En conclusion, c'est l'outil le mieux adapté que je connaisse qui autorise des recherches d'informations ou documentaires avec un rapport qualité prix étudié au plus juste.

    Charles Cros, Senior Moderator, France

    I recommend eSobi to those who want to simplify their searches for information online. Its intuitive interface and simple design allows you to quickly obtain information you are looking for by using keywords and topics. Also, it makes doing researches extremely efficient.

  • Son utilisation s'avère très intéressante. Après avoir ouvert "eSobi" je regarde les sujets proposés par les différentes sources, qu'il s'agisse de eSobi, d'un quotidien ou magazine cités. L'utilisation de eSobi est plus simple qu''il n'y paraît et le foisonnement des sujets proposés est riche d'intérêts les plus divers. Je jette un coup d'oeil rapide sur les en-têtes du jour et, selon l'intérêt suscité, je développe afin d'en avoir une lecture complète. Rares sont les jours où je ne trouve pas un sujet intéressant. Je viens même de télécharger eSobi sur mon HP portable et c'est à partir de ce dernier que je vous écris.

    Roger Wenger, Retired, France

    eSobi is easy-to-use and the default RSS channels suggested cover a wide range or topics. Usually I skim the headlines, and then according to my interests I will reader a few articles. I can always find something interesting to read. I've even downloaded eSobi on my HP laptop and I may write about it later.

  • Ik gebruik eSobi om voor mij : en nieuwsop een centrale makkelijk te bereiken centrale plaats op te slaan en te beheren. Geen gegoogle op het web meer om reeds gevonden informatie terug te vinden en her te gebruiken. Dit makkelijk te bedienen programma raad ik al mijn relaties aan omdat het ze veel tijd bespaart met hun informatie beheer en hun werknemers het programma snel leren gebruiken door de intiutieve interface.

    Arjen Steijl, Director, Netherland

    eSobi is a central location for me to access, store and manage news. It saves time for information management - no need to Google on the web - this program integrates all my needs with an intuitive interface.

  • Het handige aan het programma is dat het zich constant update, en oude berichten opschoont. Dit maakt het zeer relevant en handig, als je wilt weten wat er zoal gebeurt is op een dag. Kortom, goed bedacht systeem, zeker omdat ik een journalistieke opleiding volg, een echte must have voor iedereen die op de hoogte van al het nieuws moet, wil en kan zijn.

    Quinten Zorge, Student, Netherland

    eSobi is a convenient program keeping me constantly updated and cleans up old posts. The information is relevant and useful when you want to know what's happening on a day. It’s a well-designed application, especially to me as I was on journalism training. eSob is a must have for people who need and want to always get the latest news.

  • Ik gebruik esobi dagelijks, vooral de nieuwtjes over soft en hardware zijn bijzonder prikkelend voor een pc-technieker. Het is vooral geweldig omdat, als we iets willen willen zoeken op het internet we niet een aparte browser moeten openen, neen, want Esobi is alles in een. Esobi is gewoon handige vis in mijn electronische aquarium. En, als ik iemand een goeie raad zou mogen geven...dan zou ik zeggen...haal die vis in huis en geniet ervan.

    Roberto Carcangiu, PC Technician, Belgium

    I use eSobi daily especially for reading news about software and hardware, which are particularly stimulating for a PC technician like me. It is so great because we need not open a separate browser when we search the Internet. eSobi has everything in one, just like a convenient electronic fish in my aquarium. Want a good advice? I would say 'bring the fish home and enjoy it!'

  • Ik gebruik eSobi nu ongeveer een half jaar, en ik kan alleen maar zeggen, dat het een prima programma is. Makkelijk in te stellen naar eigen behoefte, en daardoor alle gewenste informatie snel en overzichtelijk in beeld. Het toevoegen van nieuwe kanalen is simpel, en zo geregeld. Kortom, dik tevreden!

    M.A. Spee, Teacher, Netherland

    I have used eSobi for approximately half year now, and I can only say that it is a great program. It’s easy to create a customized news watch list, and therefore all the desired information can be quickly and clearly retrieved. Adding new channels is extremely simple. Highly satisfied!

  • sono Ennio Parasmo, pensionato. Utilizzo sovente eSobi perchè mi facilita l'accesso a particolari notizie che resterebbero altrimenti nascoste nel web. Ne sono abbastanza soddisfatto.

    Ennio Parasmo, Retired, Italy

    eSobi often helps me obtain specific information that otherwise would hidden in the web. I am quite happy with it.

  • Ho conosciuto 'eSobi' perche' preinstallato in un computer Acer (Vista Home Premium 64 bit). Lo ho trovato molto versatile e comodo, in quanto ha la possibilità di poter disporre, a portata di mano, sia della ricerca contemporanea con vari motori, sia dei documenti da aprire immediatamente per la loro consultazione.

    Nicoilo' Di Renzo, Italy

    I met eSobi because it was pre-installed in an Acer computer (Vista Home Premium 64-bit). I found it very versatile and convenient, as it offers the possibility of having both web searches across different engines and web pages or tabs opened immediately under my search criteria.

  • La mia esperienza con eSobi è stata molto positiva. Lo uso quotidianamente perchè è facile e intuitivo. Mi aiuta moltissimo nella ricerca dei siti avendo sott'occhio tutti i siti disponibili più quello scelto. Avendo più motori di ricerca è sicuramente più dettagliato nella ricerca.

    Roberto, Italy

    My experience with eSobi has been very positive. I use it daily because it is easy and intuitive. It helps me greatly in finding all the sites available. Having more search engines surely gives me more detailed web search results.

  • eSobi, lo utilizo para estar al dia de mis rss favoritos (noticias,deportes, cultura..), es un buen programa y muy intuitivo.

    José Martín Aldegunde López, Officer, Spain

    I use eSobi to keep up with my favorite RSS feeds (news, sports, culture, etc.). It is a good program and very intuitive.

  • Me gusta de eSobi su entorno amigable, graficos coloridos. La inclusión de recomendaciones en el momento en que lo usas por primera vez me parece bastante útil, sobre todo para los que no estamos muy acostumbrados a seguir noticias con rss.

    Christopher Garro, Costa Rica

    I like eSobi's friendly and colorful user interface. The list of recommended RSS feeds offered by the time you start using eSobi for the first time is quite useful, especially for those who are not familiar with following news via RSS.

  • Mi nombre que aparezca,francisco estevez y me dedico a Comercio Exterior.Uso esobi para estar informado de lo que atañe a mi profesion y actividad profesional,Para mi tiene un valor muy importante dado el uso que le doy y loinformado que me mantiene.

    Francisco Estévez, External Trader, Argentina

    eSobi is a valuable and important tool for me because I use it all the time to stay informed with news concerning my profession and occupation.

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