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What is newsXpresso

newsXpresso, like an effect of espresso, gives you a boost in visual design and UI navigation while reading the latest and your favorite news from the Internet on your Android Tablet. Distinct from the traditional news reader, newsXpresso provides a superb intuitive reading experience, easy social network sharing, and efficient tag organization.

Ahh…relaxing with the savor of Latest Stories

Nothing is better than having a freshly made coffee with the latest news in your hands! newsXpresso gives you the privilege to scan your preferred news while taking a coffee break, so take the news seriously but ease up on news navigating.

View anyway you like it

Some people prefer to read news in portrait view and some like to read with large fonts. newsXpresso sure has the friendly and smart adjustment as well as the stylish viewing presentation to make your daily reading more inspiring.

Add this and that to enrich your daily life

newsXpresso has provided you with popular news channels for you to start with, but you can always customize to enrich your personal reader by adding categorized news channels from Newsstand or add RSS URL yourself.

Something that makes reading more delightful

News shouldn't just stay within the program or go down the drain and becomes history; it should be shared widely and be found instantly with efficient approaches.

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