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As Amanda, a first-year college student, had lived her whole life in London, her arrival in Boston was her first time ever setting foot in the United States. She had been told by Emerson College that their international affairs department would help familiarize her with the Boston area, but she still didn't know anybody, which was her biggest concern. Before leaving London, however, Amanda's mother had purchased her a copy of eSobi software, which runs perfectly on Amanda's Windows 7 computer. By using eSobi the integrated Internet tool to keep track of campus news 24/7, Amanda soon acquainted herself with the new life in school.

Managing Social Networks & Staying Updated

Amanda has always been very interested in online social networking, having a Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace account. She soon joined and subscribed to the Emerson Facebook network using eSobi, and was able to constantly receive updates regarding university events that were going on for other incoming freshman, as well as get in touch with other international students who weren't so familiar with the area as well.

To start, she simply went to her Facebook notifications page (, clicked on the RSS icon  under "Subscribe to Notifications" located on the right, and copied the Facebook URL link (an RSS feed). Then, Amanda opened eSobi, went to eSobi News (RSS Reader), selected [Add Channel], and the RSS feed copied was automatically showed there, ready for subscription. Now eSobi would alert Amanda whenever one of her friends or groups creates a wallpost, uploads a photo, and much more.

Another way she managed to stay up to date on selected friends' posts was by going to that individual friend's "Links" or "Notes" page from his or her profile page. Upon clicking the RSS icon  under "Subscribe to these Links" or "Subscribe to these Notes" and adding the URL links to eSobi, Amanda now never misses any important updates of her good friends even if she doesn't visit Facebook everyday.

Since Amanda also owns a Twitter account, she wanted to be able to stay updated with her newly made friends and other interesting people on Twitter as well. She then went to the Twitter page she wanted to follow, clicked the RSS icon  on the right side of the page, and added the URL link to eSobi News (RSS Reader). Through eSobi RSS subscriptions, Amanda could continuously receive tweets from her favorite Twitter-ers while keeping track of the latest news on Facebook just in one program.

School Work Made Easy with eSobi Search & Library

In addition to the ease of social networking through eSobi, Amanda also found its meta-search capabilities outstanding for completing the cumbersome research papers required every couple of weeks. By combining the powers of Google, Bing, and Yahoo to retrieve search results, eSobi Search displays all results in one user-friendly interface, capable of filtering results to further refine the search. What's better, Amanda could efficiently compile all the information in one manageable, highly organized location by storing search results and particular web pages in eSobi Library.

As eSobi makes it a breeze to stay up-to-date on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace while providing an excellent tool to manage web resources for researches, Amanda was able to organize her new life as well as school work successfully. Not only that, Amanda now also uses eSobi Podcast to download and enjoy Internet broadcasts, a way to relax after a long school day!

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