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Invest In Yourself with Little Money

I have worked as a human resources generalist in a local consulting firm for five years but recently became one of the victims of the worsening economy when I was laid off by my company. Because most companies are reducing costs by cutting down on recruitment, I feel I have little chance of getting another HR job anytime soon. Facing this inevitable career transition after losing half my entire savings due to the stock market crash, I had to find a way back to work as soon as I could while spending as little money as possible on improving the marketable skills needed for other type of office jobs. With all the financial and mental stress, I was glad to have eSobi software help me efficiently prepare myself to survive tough times. It's simple and totally affordable:

I first searched "office manager skills" in eSobi Advanced Search, and with one click, I immediately obtained English-only results from Google, Yahoo, and MSN all at once. Then, the Keyword Proposition section showed a list of professional skills related to this job, such as computer skills, interpersonal skills, data entry, Microsoft Office, and project management. I always thought these skills would be important in a position as an office manager and eSobi Advanced Search confirmed this. I immediately gained the understanding that these were the skills I should really focus on developing, even if I didn't click on each website returned by the search.

When going through websites, I used eSobi Text Highlight to quickly find the key phrase "office manager skills" in text-rich web pages. As a result, I could skim many office manager job discussions and descriptions in a short period of time to have further understanding about the job market in general and the type of office manager position that might be suitable for me.

I realized I would have to learn bookkeeping, if not get a certificate, in order to qualify for some of the office manager jobs in which I was interested. Thanks to eSobi Search, I instantly found several useful tutorials by using search keywords such as "learn bookkeeping," "how to bookkeep," etc. What’s better, eSobi automatically detects when a website I was viewing contained RSS feeds, so with a simple click of the mouse, I could subscribe to that web content right away for viewing in eSobi News. Here is an example:

Here in eSobi News, all my RSS subscriptions let me stay alerted with daily market news, software tips, and job posts. I also regularly save useful articles into eSobi Library, the convenient information organizer where I can view web findings offline and even import Microsoft Office files. The integrated solution is what differentiates eSobi from traditional search tools – eSobi provides not only complete, better search results from three search engines altogether in an efficient manner, but a newsreader and intuitive document manager that reduces job seekers’ stress in terms of collecting and sorting a variety of web information and personal data.

With the help of eSobi, I was able to improve my office skills professionally at home and still had plenty of time for job hunting and CV writing. The money and energy saved by using eSobi to centralize job preparation truly increased my productivity so I can feel more confident when new opportunities knock on the door. If you also want to effectively compete in today’s tough job market with no extra money and time attending actual courses, eSobi is your choice!

Below are some career and money related news feeds that are worth collecting. "eSobi News Tips" accessible in eSobi program also provides several helpful financial News Packs for easy subscription. A better understanding of market trends will certainly improve your standing in the job queue!

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