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As a business consultant based out of Chicago, I have never been very good with managing media on my laptop. Although I have been familiar with the concept of podcasts from my iPod, I had not found any desktop-based application that can truly integrates my podcast habits to my business needs. That is, until I discovered eSobi’s podcast features, and what it had to offer. With eSobi Podcast as well as its RSS reader and meta-search capabilities, I am now able to get entertained and well-informed, while simultaneously capable of researching and organizing other Internet information in the same interface, at the same time.

When trying out eSobi Podcast the first time, I was immediately attracted by the wealth of podcast resources in Media Lounge under the Podcast tab in eSobi. There I could browse through the default podcast programs and subscribed to what best suited my interests in to [My Podcast Channels]. If a podcast feed I know of is not listed here, I could still manually add it directly in to eSobi by copying and pasting that feed URL link on the web browser.

Once the podcast episodes were loaded and saved into my playlist, it was then extremely convenient for me to take my laptop anywhere to watch them offline without any trouble, even on the go. Since I am a business consultant, I like to stay up to date by reading CNN or Bloomberg news in the morning, and with eSobi’s podcast features, I can download the episodes before I leave the house, and watch them either while I eat breakfast, or as I take the subway to work.

With eSobi's [Playlist] feature, I can even create different combinations of video and audio files from different sources that are tailored to my interest, simply by dragging and dropping them into my playlists on the right. In the morning I can watch my business playlist, and towards the end of the day I have an entertainment playlist set up that encompasses all recent entertainment news and movies reviews. How brilliant!

I enjoy using eSobi to read the latest stock analysis, search for market reports, and listen to my podcast selections together to stay updated with the current trends. eSobi's hassle-free integration fulfills every aspect of my Internet needs and it is a great tool for managing my life in a simple and well-organized way.

For more tutorials and information about eSobi Podcast, please visit here.

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