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Instant Holiday Decoration & Recipe, As You Wish!

Mike and Diane, the newlywed, recently bought a new house and are getting ready to welcome their first Christmas holiday together. To combine Christmas and housewarming party, Mike and Diane decided to have exceptional decorations and themed food to show their sincerity to friends and family. Traditionally, like most of the people, Mike and Diane’s family used to buy pre-packed holiday decorations at craft stores and reserved holiday dinner in nearby supermarket with same old stuff; Do-It-Yourself never really came across their mind.

Fortunately, with the brand new Search Wizard, an online service that merges daily life categories, simple & quick UI, and plentiful content on their Windows 7 notebook, they just can’t get enough of assorted Christmas themed ideas in a blink without providing much of search criteria. Additionally, Mike was original from France and Diane speaks Chinese fluently, with specially picked international websites from 7 major countries, they are both competent finding extra resource from international countries.

1. Enter keyword of “Christmas Decoration” or “Christmas Recipe”.

2. Select “Answer” from the category dropdown menu.

3. Choose a website you like to begin.

4. Click on the Search Wizard tab to expand or shrink for better content visibility.

5. Select a desired content to begin viewing

*You may also swap to another website by clicking a website icon.

Tips you might want to know!

1. Mouse over the icon to view website description

2. Click on the “i” icon to go back to Search Wizard homepage.

Search Wizard made holiday idea search much easier. As for Mike and Diane, friends and family are so impressed and cannot believe that all the holiday references were found in only few clicks. Thanks to this merry searching experience, the newlywed is now counting on Search Wizard for their most daily quick searches.

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