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Holiday Family Trip

The holidays are around the corner, and it is my turn this year to plan the annual family vacation. I have helped out my sisters-in-law to arrange family reunion parties last year and I still remember it took me almost a month to call everybody back and forth just to figure out what they wanted to go and wanted to do. As a busy working mom, I had been looking for a smart tool to minimize the costs and effort needed to plan a family trip, and eSobi was the one fulfilling my needs! Let's see how eSobi helped me here:

  1. 1. Finding family trip advices

    I first went to eSobi Search and typed in keywords such as "family trip" and "2009 travel" with search results written in English, 500 items per engine, I instantly retrieved results from Google, Yahoo and MSN (Bing) altogether regarding vacationing ideas. What's better, just by clicking on the suggested keywords under [Keyword Proposition], I narrowed the entire search results down to only things I think truly interesting to my family.

  2. 2. Watching Vacation Deals

    Besides searching holiday ideas in eSobi Search, I also subscribed to RSS feeds from top travel sites such as BookingBuddy and Expedia into eSobi News (RSS reader) to track vacation deals. Some sites like Orbitz even provide RSS feeds of deals from and for certain cities, making deal hunting much more convenient:

    I no longer had to visit websites again and again just to check vacation deals, as eSobi News delivers the latest news of my interests daily. Prior to the trip, I also added RSS feeds from to monitor weather conditions. Simply type a zip code here to get local weather alert through RSS subscriptions:

  3. 3. Saving Information & Sharing with Family

    When seeing interesting vacation ideas in eSobi, I instantly saved them to eSobi Library. I also wrote down my own summary and changed the title within the pop-up window to make it easier for my family to find information from the long list of vacation options when using [Document Filter] there.

    eSobi successfully saved me a lot of phone calls to travel agencies and family members. I only had to use one simple program to search for travel deals, share vacation ideas, and gather people's opinions. eSobi is truly a must-have to connect the whole family happily together!

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