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Bruce recently received a job case in Hong Kong, in the meantime, he also managed himself with Cantonese language class after work nearby his office. The lifestyle up to this point was pretty much occupied by work, school, and commute, and he had never guessed that the smartphone actually became his best pal in Hong Kong. Since Bruce is already using eSobi PC version, he has searched, gathered, and managed this Hong Kong long stay info mostly on eSobi, therefore, with the new eSobi Mobile released, Bruce couldn’t be happier and downloaded immediately.

eSobi Mobile is the condensed version of eSobi PC with an addition of mobility essence. It includes not only the everyday News Reader, diversified Podcast Reader, but also transferable Synched Folder.

To begin eSobi Mobile, Bruce simply imports News and Podcast channels from [Default Channels]…

later adds more from [Channel Highlights] or input manually from [RSS feed URL]

Unlike other mobile programs, eSobi Mobile has larger UI icons and resizable text selections for comfortable viewing and smoother performance for one-thumb operating. Now, Bruce is able to read up-to-date global news and watch downloaded cartoon episodes while commuting on public transportations.

Sync is one of the key mobile spirits and Bruce certainly makes the best use of all advantages to increase the efficiency. Take this long stay for example, from general info collecting, accommodation searching to search results managing; Bruce was surely all prepped up before heading to Hong Kong. After he arrived, simply plug-in the smartphone to his PC computer, transfer selected eSobi PC items such as specific focused news, annotated notes/articles within eSobi Library, and Cantonese lesson playlist, then enjoy anytime, anywhere.

By having eSobi Mobile in Bruce’s daily life, Hong Kong seems to be more familiar and pleasant. Besides working and school, Bruce not only has savored the most popular roasted duck restaurant suggested on the subscribed blogs, but also joined native local activities to study Chinese cultures that he had viewed before on downloaded Podcast episodes. Now, you may begin enjoy the freedom of on-the-go without interruption and create your personal journey right on the spot!

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