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esobi Inc. - Press Release
Dec. 5, 2011

eSobi v2.5 presents a patented feature that will merge documents making searching easier than ever

eSobi v2.5 users will now be able to gather more information more efficiently by using key vocabulary words

esobi Inc. an innovative Internet information navigator is proud to announce a patented feature for eSobi v2.5. eSobi v2.5 integrates 4 powerful user friendly internet information management tools that goes well with everyday use. The new patent number is US. APPL. NO. 12/559,964 will be able to help users search for documents or applications with better accuracy.

The new invention for eSobi v2.5 will provide a method for merging documents having high degrees of association. The patent will refer to document collection by using key vocabulary words to find what users are looking for. eSobi’s patent will revolutionize how users search and find important documents using key vocabulary words to find web pages, text documents or database contents which will now be easier.

"The new patent US. APPL. NO. 12/559,964 will help eSobi do more with merging document clusters." says Danny Tsai, Chief Technology Officer of esobi Inc. "We have applied the new patent to eSobi v2.5 to provide a smoother and improved news search experience for our users."

About esobi Inc.
esobi Inc., founded in 2006, has concentrated on delivering the innovative internet & mobile solutions for information management to its end-users. Nowadays, esobi Inc. has successfully expanded its core value on technology development and enhancement to provide user-friendly and highly efficient internet information management software to all internet & mobile end-users worldwide. The world's leading PCs and motherboard vendor also have chosen esobi Inc. as its partner. Millions of users worldwide are enjoying the benefits of Internet information management provided by esobi Inc. In addition, the famous memory branding company is also the partner with esobi Inc. by offering smart software solution to their end-users.

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