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esobi Inc. - Press Release
Oct. 13, 2008

eSobi Awarded Certified for Windows Vista Logo
~A Promise of Seamless Integration with The Latest Windows OS~

esobi Inc., an innovative Internet information navigator, is pleased to carry the "Certified for Microsoft Windows Vista" logo for its intelligent Internet application eSobi v2. eSobi's OEM customers and software buyers will now benefit significantly from the assured compatibility of eSobi v2 on Microsoft's latest operation system and can successfully differentiate themselves when bundling eSobi v2 in their Windows-based devices or software packages.

eSobi v2, a 3-in-1 Internet information manager, has been awarded the Certified for Windows Vista logo. This premium logo represents the meeting of different criteria in the four major areas of compatibility, security, reliability and performance. It assures greater software quality following esobi Inc.'s attaining of the "Works for Windows Vista" logo in 2007, a compatibility designation through internal testing guided by Microsoft.

*Testing Requirement for Certified for Windows Vista Logo
Compatibility eSobi v2 passed the testing process for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, giving OEM customers and software buyers confidence in their purchases and installation of eSobi v2 on PCs running Windows Vista. They will also enjoy eSobi v2's continuous support, compliant upgrades, and value-added extensibility for integration on their devices as Windows evolves.
Security While security is top priority for Internet information management software, eSobi v2 is 100% verified to meet Windows Vista privacy standard in order to provide customers with a spyware-malware free environment.
Reliability eSobi v2's clean, reliable installs and uninstalls, one of the Windows Vista Logo Program requirements, greatly reduce unnecessary reboots and system crashes. Improved stability boosts overall performance of applications on the Windows Visa platform, meaning fewer technical issues and better user satisfaction.
Performance With Windows Vista Logo certification, all eSobi v2 features are ensured to be compatible and optimized with current and future technologies on the Windows Vista platform.

"Earning the Certified for Windows Vista logo is our promise to provide a fully Vista certified, worry-free PC application to our OEM customers and end users," said Danny Tsai, vice president of esobi Inc. "The Certified for Windows Vista logo makes eSobi v2's quality assurance go further and distinguishes eSobi v2 in the market of Internet information gathering and organizing by providing web surfers with a highly efficient, satisfying and manageable Internet experience."

Combining a RSS Reader, Smart Search and Document clipping 3-in-1, eSobi v2 has been chosen by Acer to be pre-installed in its world renowned personal computers. To know more about eSobi v2, the 100% Windows Vista compatible application, please go to or download eSobi v2 90-day full version trial.

The following Microsoft Web site shows a list of the applications that have earned the "Certified for Windows Vista" logo:

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