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esobi Inc. - Press Release
Sep. 30, 2008

Auto-upgraded eSobi Takes Search From "Easy" To "Effortless"

esobi Inc, an innovative Internet information navigator, announced a breakthrough in Internet search filtering and customization. Unlike typical Internet search portals whose prioritization of search results is strongly influenced by paid advertising, "eSobi" actually provides consumer-oriented approach to generating search results from users’ point of view. This time, "eSobi" auto-upgraded version further guarantees a more efficient search method with its enhanced search refinement.

Enhanced Keyword-assisted Search

eSobi Smart Search ensures search satisfaction and convenience by integrating intelligent features such as "search history log," "search result filter," and "keyword highlighting," all in one simple interface. Besides, "Keyword Proposition," one of the most unique features of eSobi, not only automatically analyzes the most-shown terms out of search results, but also generates meaningful keyword clusters around a common theme. Users can then easily refine search queries with proposed keywords and obtain accurate search results tailored to personal interests. Now, just use eSobi to enjoy web surfing on-the-fly.

eSobi Smart Search out-performs Internet search portals
Internet Search Portals eSobi
new Two-tier keywords proposition (Quickly get precise search results) no yes
Search across multiple search engines (Search time highly reduced) no yes
Search result filter (One click to get specific search results) no yes
Search history Log (Easily store useful search records for later use) no yes

Low-Cost PC Resolution Support

In addition, eSobi now fully supports the screen resolution of low-cost PCs (1024x600), enabling users on the go to enjoy the same efficient Internet searching and navigation without scrolling up-to-down. Meanwhile, eSobi also supports OPML 2.0 file format and allows importing RSS OPML URL directly from RSS-designed websites. Users can conveniently subscribe multiple RSS feeds at once with one-click.

"We believe everyone’s precious time should be valued in the fast-paced world. Search fatigue and information overload are both the issues we’ve tried to resolve, " said Danny Tsai, vice president of esobi Inc. "It’s great to see that our users could easily obtain precise information by just one click with eSobi"

To know more about eSobi, please visit or download eSobi 90-days full version trial instantly at

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