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esobi Inc. - Press Release
Feb. 29, 2008

eSobi, your Personal Global News Center Chosen by Acer on all Windows-Based Notebook and Desktop PCs

esobi Inc., an innovative internet information navigator, announces its alliance with Acer Inc.. Starting from March of 2008, all Acer windows-based notebook and desktop PCs sold worldwide will incorporate eSobi Lite v2.0, the personal global news center, pre-installed. With just one-click away, Acer users could immediately become an info-wizard. Anything you are interested in will automatically feed to your fingertips. Always updated and constantly informed!

Have you ever felt information searching was like looking for a needle in a haystack? eSobi was created to assist users in collecting precise information without wasting valuable time on the internet. Simply subscribe your desired RSS feeds for food recipes, fashion trends, celebrity gossips or hottest events to your eSobi Channel Subscription and enter key word(s) of your preferences at Channel Watch to auto-track and collect related news information. Then sit back with a cup of coffee, let the latest information come to you. Once you've found interesting or useful information articles, you may save them for further editing at Document Clipping, another key aspect besides RSS Reader, which allows you to organize and personalize the saved information in order to share with friends and family. With the collaboration of these two advantageous functions, Acer users will now experience twice the result with half the effort on internet information searching.

In addition to global news center, eSobi also offers smart searching add-on. With only USD$19.95, Acer exclusive offer, users can enjoy stunning accuracy internet search.

For more information about eSobi Software, please visit our website at

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