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eSobi Mobile for Android

The solution integrates 5 handy Internet information management features to let everyone enjoy, manage, and share their favorite news, podcast, and personal contents via mobile device. Whether you are on the way to work, school, or simply during leisure time, eSobi Mobile gives you the freedom to benefit from the essence of the entire Internet ambiance.

  • News Reader: Portable newsstand gives you real-time news straight to your smartphone.
  • Podcast Reader: Enjoy favorite multimedia entertainments whenever and wherever you like.
  • Channel Watch: Track latest news and sort by keyword(s); read only what you want!
  • Playlist: Personalized visuals and sounds; enjoy without interruptions.
  • Library: Keep practical documents in your pockets without carrying the actual hard copies.
  • Colorful and vivacious touch-oriented interface for merry usage.
  • Subscribe RSS news or simply import from our Channel Highlights or your Google Reader.
  • Bring your friends' messages from Facebook, Twitter, or more into one single place.
  • Share interesting articles through SMS and to social network such as Twitter and Plurk.
  • Export all your subscribed news to eSobi Online, a web-based eSobi lets you access from any computer.
  • Locate the content with "Sort by" feature and keyword "Search".
  • Skim through news headlines in expediency with "Text-only mode" and "Summary mode".
  • Instantly connect to browser with "Open Original Page"; easily swap back to News Reader for more.
  • Enlarge or reduce the font size in "Text-only mode" for comfort reading.
  • Simple and user-friendly operating panel with trendy and vibrant design.
  • Dashing your daily life with our pre-select multimedia categories from eSobi Channel Highlights.
  • Add personal favorites with single URL or just import an existing file; as simple as it gets.
  • Download assorted episodes On-Demand and play anytime you wish.
  • Recommend to Twitter and Plurk; let your friends know what are you enjoying.
  • Send via email or through SMS to your friends and family.
* Some Podcast programs require a Codec, which is a program capable of decoding digital files.
  • Add as much daily must-read news keyword(s) as you wish; always be on track and always informed!
  • Sort watched news right away with expediency by Frequency, Time, Alphabet or particular tag.
  • Scroll the left/right arrow to read news like flipping actual newspaper.
  • Manage tags and channels by single-click, which gives you more time on reading than organizing.
  • Let you keep your favorite news for later use or publish to hottest social network sites.
  • Manage personal media compilations on mobile device; get entertained while you go!
  • Select and play the chosen playlist based on its chronological order with no interlude.
  • Convenient arrangement style let you find your favorites immediately.
  • Organize playlist content and tags with simple steps in Group Functions.
  • Smooth channel icon scrolling in compiled media episodes.
  • Accept various content formats within RSS subscription – HTML and most MS office file formats.
  • Connect to original news page to view Full-page reading.
  • View saved documents even without Internet connection.
  • From smallest to largest, adjust the text size anytime during news viewing.
  • Switch UI background color for comfortable reading.


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