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What is eSobi

eSobi v2.5 integrates 4 powerful yet user-friendly Internet information management tools, which go well with business, educational, and of course everyday use. The software is designed to streamline Internet information process, resolve the difficulty in information-overflowed handling and relieve the pain in information hunting.

  • News Reader: Read and receive updated news from your favorite websites, blogs or even eSobi Resource Center instantly.
  • Podcast Multimedia: Enrich and enjoy your life with Internet broadcast; advance your media entertainment experience to a whole new level.
  • Internet Search: Perform info-hunting and result refinement for you and ease yourself from Internet information overload.
  • Info Library: Offers a convenient and a centralized location to save, annotate and manage your valuable findings; share your personal archive with others.
With eSobi, you no longer need to spend long hours on information hunting, make your every Internet day as simple and efficient as it could be!
  • Instantly receive RSS news from blogs, social community and news sites. Let eSobi delivers the updated information directly to you.
  • Set the desired keyword(s) within Channel Watch. Read only what you want!
  • Download practical RSS feeds from eSobi Resource Center in rapidity and handiness with eSobi One-Click.
  • Highlight content with Text Highlight Color and swap to eSobi Search for instant search.
  • Instantly locate specific topic news with News Filter; save your precious time.
  • From rich content to simple text, we’ve got 3 view modes for you to choose from.
  • Watching and listening Internet broadcast within eSobi Podcast. Enjoy the
    media entertainment at any moment!
  • Automatically download episodes and save the best with the easiest.
  • Integrated player with auto panel adjustment to perfectly fit media type.
    No switch and swap between application windows.
  • Arrange, rate, and sort your downloaded episodes for faster viewing.
  • Compile your private podcast playlist and enjoy without interruptions.
  • eSobi Search lets you search smart in the simplest and resourceful approach.
  • Select the most relevant keyword with auto algorithmic analysis for specific results or aim further related suggestions for results.
  • Save your entire search results with a simple click; allows you to log and retrieve the searches any time you wish.
  • Enter keyword(s) in Search Result Filter for the exact grouping results, and view them in colors!
  • Click and save valuable news articles to eSobi Library directly for further managing.
  • To categorize your valuable findings in a convenient and a centralized location.
  • Annotate news articles with frequently-used editing tools, and make your reports and presentations stand out in the crowd.
  • Input keyword(s) within Document Filter to target from countless uncategorized news articles in a snap!
  • Print out or e-mail your annotated articles to share with your friends and family, and make them go wow!


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