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eSobi - Ideas - Xmas, Simple yet Fun

An alternative way to celebrate Christmas

  1. Most people planned their family trip to foreign countries or famous spots during Christmas/New year's vacation. This year, instead of flying out of country, my parents have invited the distant relatives from other states to our house to have a nice family gathering. As for me, it's both good and bad at the same time. The good thing is that I get to hang out with my cousins, and down part is that my computer usage time will be cut down due to sharing. If you have a high school kid at home and you will know how important computer is to him/her. Well, with Facebook, Twitter, celebrity gossips, latest music/movie news…YES, computer is very important!

    My dad has using eSobi for awhile, and he thinks it helped him reduce time on finding and reading global news everyday. I have noticed their latest service – eSobi Cloud, an online platform contains My Page, My Friend, eSobi Online, and Portfolio several individual daily functions.

  2. My Page to me is a very handy feature; it is a personalized webpage that contains variety of widgets – news, weather, photos, videos, search, and blogs. I get to customize my own pages with these widgets, and bring all latest updates to one single place.

  3. Here's my favorite feature – My Friend; I get to add friends from well-known social network sites, and merge one friend's multiple accounts together as one so there's no need to jumping between websites.

  4. I know you are going to ask, how am I going to read my pals updates? Simply click on the pop-up dialog and your friends’ latest posts will be displayed on a newspaper style window.

    With My Page and My Friends features in eSobi Cloud, I don't think I'll have to worry about lack of computer time due to relatives’ visiting!

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