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Safety Driving Guidelines for Winter Traveling

  1. Winter driving is quite a challenge especially when you are headed to the mountains where it gets to snow and rain easily and unpredictably. However, being prepared and being equipped before you hit the road are the key tasks. With the easy access to the Internet, all sorts of safety tips aren't hard to find and with eSobi PC and eSobi Online, vacation preparation and organization just get more convenient.

  2. Before we hit the road, I used eSobi Search on my PC to find websites include winter driving tips, save the articles to eSobi Library to review with my husband later on, and make sure that the vehicle is under good condition and the gears are well equipped.

  3. Once the preparation is assured, I decided to subscribe a few blogs dealing with unexpected accidents and then archive to eSobi Online, just in case something accidentally came up and needed to be taken care of on the road.

  4. eSobi Online can be accessed anytime, anywhere with Internet connection. Since I have already bookmarked eSobi Online to my iPad, all I need to do is login with my ID/Password. *eSobi Online is also an archive platform for my eSobi RSS subscription. Therefore, if I accidentally deleted a feed or a folder, I can still come back to eSobi Online to look for it.

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