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  1. Watching CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has become my weekly routine, and I will certainly not miss one single episode. Season premier is definitely a huge deal to devoted fans like me; besides canceling all the dinner dates, getting prepped up by finding out what are other fans’ expectations and comments are absolutely obligatory.

  2. Related web news, blog reviews, photos/wallpapers are my most searched categories, and with eSobi v2.5 Search Wizard, all of the above can be done in one single place!
    Search Wizard control panel is easy to use, thoughtful in resize the browser windows, and yet fulfilled with various categories

  3. Its teammate feature that gets the job done is Smart Search. Smart Search feature helps me on an instant search when browsing CSI searched result. Simply highlight word(s), right-click on the mouse, and select eSobi Smart Search to start.

    Now, as the premier date getting closer, I'm certainly thrilled to know character's relationship development with each others, and looking forward to another exciting season.

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