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Connecting with Friends & the World Using My Innovative Graduation Gift

  1. I have never thought that graduating from college could be this merrier. Please don't get me wrong, I think school and my classmates are fantastic, even the cafeteria foods are delicious. So what's got into me that made me so smiley? It's my coolest graduation gift from my beloved parents - Google Android smartphone! As soon as I opened the gift, my eyes glittered and my fingers just wouldn't stop moving. Besides many well-known applications already existing on the phone, I turned my mind to eSobi Mobile. eSobi products are certainly not strangers to me, especially the PC version that came with my Acer computer. In fact, it has helped me tremendously on my researches and reports in the past.

    The download procedures for mobile version are pretty simple for a non-tech-geek like me. All I did was hold my phone and take the QR code photo provided on eSobi download page, and it will automatically install the software.

  2. Ok, so I'll just go ahead skip the standard process and straight to my favorite function in eSobi Mobile. Share RSS news and podcast episodes via SMS and to Plurk/Twitter are my daily routine. Back in the college life, I have already developed news reading habit, partially for my own benefit. As I have mentioned that eSobi PC version is great for collecting global news sources and view them all at once, however, carrying a computer on the campus is definitely not my top choice. Now, with a lighter device that's capable performing the same tasks plus the Share function is superb! Not only can I read and receive global news by using my smartphone wherever I go, but also share them to my friends on well-known social community sites.

  3. Another function that I've found very thoughtful is the Channel Watch. Since I have developed the habit of reading global news, and we are talking about a large amount of news articles daily, it's quite painful to scan the wanted news and eliminate the unwanted individually. With the Channel Watch function, simply enter the desired news keyword(s), and whala! the news that I'm hoping to read are now been narrowed down and neatly sorted.

    Although eSobi Mobile has more functions than you can think of, my personal favorite and mostly used are Share and Channel Watch. If you like to send messages and update your friends with the latest news and gossips like I do, this might be the mobile application that you have been looking for.

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