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My spring break this year will be super busy!

  1. Spring break for college students sometimes end up uncontrollable. As for me, Spring break is time to complete what’s on my personal task list such as getting a smartphone, watching Oscar nominated movies, and starting yoga lesson.
    I don’t like to rush myself, so in newsXpresso, drag any article to the bottom to create a Favorite Tag and name it "Spring break Idea". Later on, when I see related news articles, simply drag the article into "Spring break Idea" tag for storage. Once the information has been collected, it will be much easier and time-saving for me to read it all through.

  2. newsXpresso provides two reading layout, my favorite one is Newspaper Layout. It imitates the real newspaper but with more eye-comforting fonts.

  3. The Hide/Show function enables expanding the reading area and temporary hide the unrelated items for enhanced visibility.

  4. With my tasks all prepared, I think my spring break will be laid-back yet satisfied.

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