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eSobi - Ideas - Winter Traveling by Car

Having a fun reading moment with the optimized news reader for your touchscreen pc

  1. During the past few years, carry-on luggage and a heavy laptop computer are a must for business travelers. Nowadays, the rise of the pad PC/tablet computer has changed the technology usage behavior tremendously. Have to admit, I like the change, it's more convenient and entertaining for business travelers especially while waiting for the plane at the airport.

  2. newsXpresso works incredibly smooth on pad PC in all aspect. Not only is the design clean and modern, its features and supplement tools are fitting for finger navigation.

  3. I've used Google Reader before, and honestly, I'm not a big fan of their crowded UI design. Now, I can import the subscribed channels from Google into newsXpresso.

  4. Managing news is also very simple. In My Channel, it allows you to categorize news channels into associated tag folders, edit channel information, and share to SNS or via email.

  5. Distinct from the traditional news reader, newsXpresso gave me an intuitive and enjoyable reading experience during a long wait at the airport.

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