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eSobi - Ideas - Keep Warm in Winter

Few tips that will keep you warm in cold winter and save $ too!

  1. Due to global warming, our weather seems to be more unstable year by year. The recent news has stated that this winter could be the coldest in the last thousand years in Europe. Will this affect other continents? I guess no one can guarantee, but not doubt it's time to start planning on how to shelter our sweet home in low-cost approaches.
    When comes to having a cozy environment, heater is the first thing that comes to my mind. However, turning the central heating system on in long period of time not only may cause dry skin or respiratory problems, but also waste money. By using eSobi Search, I have found loads of helpful tips that may help out on energy-saving and budget-cutting.

  2. Other non-tech tips that I figured quite positive are "having at least one hot meal per day" and "dress several layers of clothes". I typically favor in having hot meals because it helps to keep my body warm from the inside. Advisor suggests that hot chicken soup and hot chocolate are good choices, as for me, spicy food is the best pick!

  3. With all the information found with eSobi v2.5, I think this cold winter energy-saving and budget-cutting may be working just fine. Hopefully my relatives who see my suggestions will give them a try.

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