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Surprisingly Good User Experience on eSobi Mobile for Android.

  1. As a retired business man, I now spend most of my time traveling and maintaining personal blog. Recently my daughter had bought me the latest Android phone, which I've been looking forward to purchase. Even though I considered myself an energetic and curious to try new things 60-year-old man, there's no doubt that newspaper has become a bit difficult to read and small sized devices are demanding to cope with, and eSobi Mobile surely solved these problems.

    With the appealing user interface, large feature icons, and easy control, I'm able to scroll, select, and enter words without any difficulties in News Reader. As for the overall design, I think the dark background harmonizes with the content and makes the reading quite comforting. The Podcast Reader is even better, episode downloads are fairly straightforward for everyone, and the channel icons are largely displayed as well as the colorful icons made user experience more joyful and fun.

  2. Adjustable fonts are also important since the definition of comfort reading is different to everybody. Personally, I would love to have my news content displayed in very large font size for better visibility, and eSobi Mobile considerately offers 5 different font size options from smallest to largest, and it is changeable anytime you wish.

    eSobi Mobile has no barrier for both beginning and advanced smartphone users. With its caringly built-in features, everyone is capable enjoy the optimization of the mobile reading experience.

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