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Celebrating Chinese Moon Festival with Chinese Culture Club Colleagues

  1. I'm a college freshman trying to adjust life far away from home; the fastest way to expand my social network is to join on-campus clubs. However, clubs with disordered routines such as partying and getting drunk are certainly not my kind. Finally, thanks to my roommate for helping me to pick Chinese Culture Club. The very first major event is the Chinese Moon Festival, and this year the colleagues have decided to make moon cakes. During the meeting, my roommate Eddy and I have been assigned to buy ingredients, so I used eSobi PC, searched and subscribed some Chinese tradition recipe RSS feeds, and then sync to my eSobi Mobile to look-up what ingredients that we need while in supermarket.

  2. Once the shopping trip is finished, I've shared these recipes RSS feeds via Facebook to my club colleagues so they can get the preparation started. Although the recipes are fully detailed in text, it's still a bit difficult for some first-time cookers to understand, therefore, I've subscribed a blog with moon cake preparation video clip and sync to eSobi Mobile – Podcast, gathered the first-time cookers together and have them follow the instructions visually.

    Even though the outcomes are not as perfect-looking as the bakery store, but it's surely delicious and the most important thing is that everyone had fun in making these moon cakes with the eSobi’s help!

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