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esobi Inc. - Press Release
April 26, 2010

eSobi Mobile for Android offers better reading experience for your Google Reader subscriptions!

esobi Inc., an innovative Internet & mobile information navigator, has unveiled a smart mobile tool, eSobi Mobile for Android, to help people using Android-powered devices enjoy the most up-to-date information on the go. Google Reader users can easily import their Google Reader subscriptions and view news updates in a highly refined and visually-appealing interface, with the ability to switch web pages to an advertising-free, text-only style that is particularly desirable for the mobile screen. The comfortable and streamlined design of eSobi Mobile for Android enables users to catch up the latest news and social updates more efficiently while sharing interesting news posts more conveniently via Gmail, SMS, Plurk and Twitter!

Are you still routinely jumping from one website to another just to check updates? With eSobi Mobile for Android, users can simply use one program to view all of the updated content from their favorite sites anywhere, at anytime. Users can choose to import subscriptions from their Google Reader account, from the PC version of eSobi, or from a wide selection of news and podcast channels preloaded in the app. eSobi Mobile for Android also lets users easily set up keywords and read only what they truly care about, making it a great time-saving tool for tracking desired information in entire RSS subscriptions. Users will no longer feel overwhelmed by the massive number of RSS feeds they subscribe to, yet find news posts that match their interests with no trouble at all.

"Considering nowadays a lot of people are surfing the web on their phones, Google Android came out as the first truly open platform to encourage innovations in mobile application development," said Wen Lee, chairman of esobi Inc. "esobi Inc. is proud to join the excitement by launching eSobi Mobile for Android to offer users the utmost mobile reading experience with powerful yet easy-to-use features. We believe users will find eSobi Mobile for Android a must-have personal pocket news reader on their Android-powered device."

When reading a news article in eSobi Mobile for Android, users can choose the text-only, ad-free page mode and change the font size (enlarge or reduce the font) or background color to optimize their mobile reading experience. eSobi Mobile for Android is also equipped with powerful organization capabilities, functioning as a portable data library where users can easily create playlists and news archives to personalize Internet resources for later use. Channel list can further be custom-sorted by frequency, time, status, alphabetical order and forwarded via SMS and Gmail or shared to popular social outlets like Twitter and Plurk - all with a simple click.

Now eSobi Mobile for Android supports English and Traditional Chinese, and the Android 1.5, Android 1.6, Android 2.0, and Android 2.1 operating system. The full version can be purchased for 5.99 USD from A free 30-day, fully-functional trial is also available for download. Check out for more information.

About eSobi & eSobi Mobile

eSobi is a feature-rich, desktop-based RSS reader and information aggregator for managing Internet information in daily life. It helps users easily obtain news updates from their favorite sites, track news posts by topics, enjoy audio & video podcast programs, conduct thorough searches by category, as well as organize and archive web content hassle-free. As eSobi has been widely introduced with Acer computers, its mobile solutions now support Google Android and Windows Mobile devices. Mobile users can continue enjoying the most up-to-date information on the go anywhere, anytime, and the way they like!

About esobi Inc.

esobi Inc., founded in 2006, has concentrated on delivering innovative Internet & mobile solutions for information management to its end-users. Acer,the third largest computer manufacturer in the world, has chosen esobi Inc. as its OEM partner, preloading the eSobi software on all its personal computers worldwide. eSobi has also been bundled with Transcend flash drives and MSI mainboards, providing customers with greater convenience in integrated data gathering and management.

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