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esobi Inc. - Press Release
Mar. 11, 2010

Beyond PC Experience! eSobi Now Brings the Latest Headlines to Mobile Devices

eSobi Mobile receives Designed for Windows Mobile™ logo certification

esobi Inc., an innovative Internet & mobile information navigator, recently announced the mobile version of eSobi, an information management tool that has been widely preloaded on Acer PCs. The new mobile application, called eSobi Mobile, inherits the pioneering integrated design of an RSS reader and podcast aggregator while featuring user interface specifically tailored for the mobile environment. When working together, eSobi Mobile and eSobi PC version compliment each other by streamlining information aggregation across devices. Users will be able to view desired web information easily anywhere, at any time with a seamless reading experience.

eSobi PC version is an integrated and timesaving application that helps users aggregate the most up-to-date and targeted Internet information without the hassle of opening multiple windows and websites. Considering more people nowadays are turning to portable devices to access information on the go, eSobi Mobile was developed to further offer the benefits of efficient information management and intuitive reading interface for Windows Mobile devices. When connected to the Internet, eSobi Mobile can work solely as an RSS reader and podcast aggregator for catching up the latest headlines, social updates, weather, entertainment, business news, and even video programs.

Though a key feature of eSobi Mobile is its ability to synchronize with eSobi PC version, giving users greater flexibility in managing news feeds, watched news topics, podcast channels, playlists, and even HTML, Word as well as PDF files on both devices. Users can easily synced news items and podcast episodes aggregated using eSobi PC version to their handsets and enjoy them at a later time when offline. This is especially convenient when wireless connection is an issue. With the combination of eSobi Mobile and eSobi PC version, users own true mobility to access Internet information wherever and whenever needed.

The patented text-only reading capability, a popular feature of eSobi PC version, is also available on eSobi Mobile. With a simple click, news articles are instantly displayed in ad-free plain text. Users are no longer required to launch a web browser and wait for page load, which can be troublesome due to the small mobile screen size and Internet speed.

"eSobi has enabled near 40 million users worldwide to conveniently access and organize the Internet content that is important to them, such as news, blogs, entertainment and more. Entering the mobile arena, we didn't just develop a mobile RSS reader like everyone else. Instead, we strived to make the mobile reading experience as smooth and friendly as it is on the PC version of eSobi," said Wen Lee, chairman of esobi Inc. "The launch of eSobi Mobile for Windows Mobile is our first step of bringing innovation, integration and efficiency from PC to mobile devices, and users should expect more mobile product launches as well as cross-platform services this year from esobi Inc."

Currently eSobi Mobile can be purchased from eSobi Online Store for the price of 5.99 USD. A free 30-day fully-functional trial can also be downloaded from eSobi Website and will soon be available on Windows Marketplace for Mobile. Please visit for more information.

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