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Hello, you are about to download the resourceful RSS Pack we have prepared.

Simply right-click and select Save As to save the XML file and import it to your eSobi. If you have any question, please click here!

download RSS pack Editor’s Review

Advanced News Reading

By Ionut Ilascu, editor, July 2009


"eSobi introduces you to a nice Explorer-like, uncomplicated interface that is easy to manage and navigate through. When it comes to searching the web for information, eSobi provides marvelous options and functions to concentrate the most relevantresults. Saving clippings and editing web pages are not features to find in any RSS reader. They are of great help, especially for researching purposes…"

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CNET Editor’s Review

The Most Popular Information Management Tool

By CNET staff, December 2009

"Any news reader/podcast receiver worth its disk space should do more than gather headlines. It should also help you search for and organize the latest and most in-depth information on the subjects you're most interested in. All of these functions and more make eSobi among the most popular information management tools available. With eSobi, you can build a database of articles, references, and other saved materials that could take a long time to find through ordinary searching…"

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Easier and More Effective Information Search

September 2009


"eSobi makes information search over web go beyond conventional approach. It is designed intuitively and serves you well in searching news, media files, articles, and other information from web. You needn’t launch your web browser and open several windows or tabs for search, rather have to execute the program and browse information from your desktop…"

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SVM ( Editor’s Review

Original, Practical and Efficient

By Jacques Harbonn, May 2009

"eSobi combines efficiency and simplicity of use. It will quickly become indispensible for all those who work heavily with Internet information. These pages saved from eSobi News and eSobi Search can be organized in eSobi Library - very useful to build an information database available off-line…"

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Micro Actuel ( Editor’s Review

Simplified Web Search

By Sam Azzemou, senior editor, August 2009

"eSobi simplifies how RSS and information is managed. Users will find all their Internet activities, such as RSS/news subscriptions, cross-engine searches (via Google, Yahoo, Bing altogether), web articles organization and management, smoothly integrated in eSobi. Looking for information? eSobi queries the web and delivers the most relevant search results through keywords, tabs, and multiple search engines…"

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Personal Computer Magazine ( Editor’s Review

Useful Tool For Everyone

By Donato Ranzato, web editor, August 2008

"A nice feature of eSobi News is the Channel Watch. Once placing a keyword, you can start tracking news articles of your preferred topics from the entire RSS subscriptions. The text-only reading mode is particularly desirable for editing purposes once a news article is stored to eSobi Library, another quite extensive feature..."

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